First Impression of Simple SOS Clearing Booster 

This time I really got curious about this product, so I decided to try for a week and I’ve been loving this. I highly recommend this for people that have a large hair follicle to use this product, what it meant to improve is to decrease the size of your hair follicle, clear it up and helps to minimise blemishes, I used to have mine really bad but this week, I already seen a difference, obviously I use my routine products but adding this to it, has definitely improve the state of my skin. 

You can get this product really cheap in super drug and beauty stores. 

How can you apply this product:

You have to cleanse your skin first and than apply this daily skin detox SOS Clearing booster, apply if before moisturising.

If you are applying this product to get rid of blemishes use it up to three times a day.

See you on the next post !