First Time living outside of my country…

How it was for me at the age of 16?

At the beginning was quite complicated, new language, new people, new places and new culture.

It was hard for me at that age to get used to a different culture.

I decided to live in other beautiful country because I wanted to have a better life and also a good and professional career which on my country sometimes is a bit harder or expensive. UK is known around the world for being a country with a lot of opportunities for a better future.

Now that I’m living in this wonderful country for 3 years everything changed. I feel like this is my place, I met positive and happy people from other countries and it’s lovely feeling when you can related to others nationalities.

This picture was took on Liverpool Street London.

My story in UK …

In this beautiful country I came on the 15th of August from 2015, studied in England for a couple years, which was a amazing experience, I learn how to be more confident with the 2 course that I did. I get my first job at Dominos Pizza when I was 17 years old.

The most amazing moment was when I met the love of my life that’s lives in UK for 18 years. This person helped me grow and see the world in a different way.

English Breakfast – The Wetherspoons

I hope you get to understand how lovely is to know other cultures and people from other nationalities.

Tip of today…

Travel around the world and get to know the world that you are living.