Healthy Mouth – Tip of the day to day

Since when I was young my mum always told me to take care of my teeth. There are times  where I didn’t care about it, teeth decays and bad breath started showing up.While I was growing up I got disgusted about it, so to change that, first thing I did were: booking appointment on my dentist (which i do a check up three in three months), save the advices that he gives me like using dental floss to keep my teeth even more clean after brushing. Never forget that if you keep your teeth healthy they will be in good conditions when you get older.

Giving up of sweets is also helpful for your health in general. But if you do eat sweets is recommended that you brush your teeth within 30 minutes.

Curiosity: did you know that doctors can tell a lot about your health with saliva?!

I decided to tell you a bit of what I do as my teeth routine.

First I confess that I don’t use dental floss a lot of times, but brushing my teeth twice a day with a good tooth paste is important specially if you know how your teeth react with different tooth pastes. Also I use a Colgate Mint mouthwash that really keep you mouth fresh for a long time.

Products that I use to keep my mouth clean and fresh:

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