What I normally take in my gym bag?

So basically today, I decided to do this post a little bit different. Don’t forget to tell me if you find it interesting.

I’m sorry if the video is about a boring topic, but I find it essencial just so the people that are going to start gym has an idea of what to take to the gym, also I’m sorry for my English, believe me I tried to record as best as I could.

I hope you like it!

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Why I started GYM ?

Part 1

Hi to everyone, I decided to speak about why I started gym because my goal with my body is quit challenging so to make your life easier if you have the same goals, I will give you some advice about all stuff.

1. Why I started gym?

For quit a long time I wanted to change this part of my body, but I didn’t have the possibility to go to the gym as I was still going to college. So since I started my job, I put in my head that I wanted to make every effort to go to the gym and eat the way I need, to get my body how I want & is also healthy.

(I’m going to apologise because I couldn’t take a decent picture of my silhouette to show you what I want to change on my body.)

2. How is my diet?

When I was researching about what diet I should have, I got surprised, you should get a fat healthy diet and what I mean by that? You should eat ingredients with calories & nutrients, all healthy. I don’t mean like, eating fast food or anything like that.

Here I will leave some pictures about the ingredients that I try to use on my meals during the day.

Some fish, chicken, beef would be also healthy for your meals. Try to avoid pork meat as it contains a lot of bad fat.

3. How many times I go to the gym per week ?

Normally I go to the gym everyday apart from 1 or 2 days to rest which happen on the weekend. The reason I work out during the week is because gives me more energy, maybe this doesn’t happened with everyone but with me it does. Also, as my job is a bit hard, these cause less pain on my body.

I hope you enjoy these little advices cause believe me, it will save some of your time

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