2 Accessories that will give glam to your outfits – 80’s to nowadays

We know that 80’s styles are coming back slowly, a bit different but basic on the same detail like past in those years. Today, I’m going to write about these and obviously show you 2 accessories that helps to give the best glam to your outfits.

Obviously I’m going to use those accessories that I’m going to write about but a bit more modern, more nude colours and simple. Nowadays, a lot of fashion bloggers and youtubers are starting using kind of 80’s accessories.

 So what I want to show is some accessories that I’ve used on my outfits.



This look does have this simple loop which gives a lot to your outfits. You can also have a big one, I would advice to use a big one when you wear something classic or some stylish outfit. 

Same accessories on your hair…


As you can see on the picture, this is a normal scarf but I would use it for this kind of outfit and why is this? Basically is more fashionable and different than what we usual see. I had a little trick to look more like a hair loop.

I hope you like this and see you on the next post….