Chic Makeup 

Are you planning having a party with your friends or having a date with some good looking guy? 

Today, I would like to show you this makes to make you glamourising on this moments, with this chic and classic makeup. On this makeup, I’ve used quit cheap and  expensive products, but anyway you can get them all in a good price.

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You can get these products on Debenhams, Poundland, sleek makeup online store, revolution makeup and maybelline.

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Mini-Manicure to do at home

Today, I’ve choose to show you this beauty tip because it’s really important specially if you want to keep your nails and hands in good and healthy appearance.

Once a month we should go to the salon to get out manicure treatment done, but a lot of people cannot afford to go a salon once a month, so hopefully this can help you treating yourself with a good moment of relaxing.

If you don’t take care of your nails and hands, they can start getting callus, dry hands and yours nails can get really damaged, like ripped cuticles which sometimes can get infected. 

These are the products that I used: cuticle cream, hand moisturiser and hygiene spray, cuticle remover, nail Polish remover, hand soak & nail oil. 


– First of all, you need to sanitise your hands to get rid off bacteria. 

– Then you got to grab a cotton pads to clean the nails, with a orange wood stick put so cotton at the tip of it and then damp it with nail polish remover, to also remove the dirt under the nails. 

– After these steps, fill the black bowl with warm water and put a tiny bit of Hand soak, this helps to soften cuticles. Then put a bit of Cuticle Massage cream with a orange wood stick, massage it and leave you hand in the water for 5 min.; 

– With a towel, push your cuticle back, after applying the cuticle remover start pushing the cuticle back with the silver tool ( don’t leave the cuticle remover for to long to, it can irritate your skin). So with the brush, use the water that you’ve used, to damp your brush and clean your nails.

– Start for cutting off the cuticles with the nail scissors. Then clean your nails with nail polish remover and cotton pads.
– Next step is to massage your hands with the Hand Treatment Cream, on the video you can watch the way I’ve done the hand massage. This helps circulation of the blood and don’t worry about the redness that’s normal. This hand massage helps with the tension, surprisely we get a lot of tension. Once again, clean your nails with cotton pads and nail polish remover before moving on toe the next step. 

– The last step is to apply the nail oil and then massage it, this will help to soften your cuticles and hydrate your nails. 

I hope with this post, I could help you getting a better care with your nails and hands. 

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