Mood – Everything about it (Part 1)

Our body is like a machine that needs consuming food and water so we can “work” properly. So today I’ve decided to write about it, I’ve done some research, read books and I found a lot of good and bad things about it.

Starting for saying that depression is estimated in 2020 will be the second most diabling disease, with women being twice as likely to develop depression as man.

What we put into our digestive system has such effect on our Mood. Good food can take place of medication in severe cases, having an alkaline diet (Do you want to know ingredients that are healthy? ) can go along way to maintaining good mood, balanced self-esteem and emotional calm.

Advice that I give to all of you, stop drinking coffee for a couple weeks and witness the result of less anxiety and agitation, I’m sure that your body is going to accepted maybe with some hard times, but we need to think about our health in first place.

For the same reason that we need essencial fats for concentration and focus, you also need the full range of B vitamins as well as a good suply of proteins to balance levels of the serotonin and dopamine neurotransmilters in the brain.

All food source from animals, including goat’s, sheep’s cheese and eggs of all types, contains complete proteins.

Vegan people, it is necessary to find the non-vegetarian sources. Plant proteins is found anything that grows larger than it’s original self, as examples, sunflowers seeds into flowers, or walnuts and almonds into trees. It is the protein that allows them to grow and, once eaten, such proteins are broken down into the building blocks of amino acids, which can be easily utilised by our brains and bodies.

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