Songs for the wedding Day – how to plan and organize

Choosing your wedding songs seems to be easy but at the end of the day, if you don’t planned them with time, your weddin might be a disaster.

I wouldn’t worry if you get married in a church , only if you do your wedding in a different place instead of being in a church, but if you get your wedding in a beautiful place that looks like a castle, I would choose songs for the brides and grooms entrance, then another song for the bridemaids entrance, for the kids when they come with the flowers and rings.


Age Range:

When you think putting songs on your wedding, you might invited people from different ages, obviously don’t put rap songs when you have elderly people on your wedding. Think in all likable songs. On songs a bit more calm, other a bit with beat but not too much, if you know what I mean.


If you organize your wedding by yourself and you hire someone to organize the music part, speak with the people and include all details, like the entrance of the bride and groom, bridemaids, kids with flowers and the rings and don’t forget about the godparents of the bride and groom. On this moments of your wedding, also think a bit in calm songs and romantic, you can include the songs that you love, research in instrumental ways, sometimes you can find beautiful songs.

Place of the after party:

Think on the entrance and during the lunch or dinner, on these moments dependeing on your family and friends tastes, include a bit of everything but remember not to put rock songs on, that would scared all the people invited. A really important moment that you can’t forget is when the couple is doing their romantic dance in front of everyone, choose a song that really represents your love story, once again, don’t put songs that would terryfied your family and friends.

Leaving the church and place of after party:

On these end moments, choose something that will make the end of this moment happy, think about the romantic movies, a lot of people use kids songs in an instrumental way which makes it not so childish but cute.

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