Night Skincare

This time, I’ve decided to write about my night skincare, with products that I highly trust and recommend, some tricks that can improve the care of your eyes area, clearing the   T-zone and avoiding having a second chin.

What we should use on a night skincare process, is face wash, makeup remover or cleansing, according to skin type, eye revitaliser, face exfoliate (only use it once or twice a week) & face mask (same advice as face exfoliate).

Having a night skincare improves better hydrating and clean skin, some products that you use to moisturise your face can also improve your collagen and elasticity of your skin.

My Night Skincare

Products that I use on this process:

– Tea Tree Cleansing Facial Wipes;
– L’oréal Face Cleansing/makeup remover;
– SIMPLE Moisturising Face Wash;
– SIMPLE SOS clearing booster;
– SIMPLE Revitalising Eye Roll- on;
SIMPLE Vital Vitamin Cream (Night/Day);

See you on the next post!