People shouldn’t be labelled by appearance…


Today’s post it’s a bit delicate, but all I want you to guys know is that this post is not a judgemental or offence to no one, nothing. Just a word for that kind of people that let their auto-esteem down by critics about their body, their financial life and even for their success, I just want you to feel support. First of all, for me it’s so annoying when people judge sizes, looks, behaviours, etc… Most effect people on society is the fat and skinny woman and man, I wouldn’t call fat or skinny woman or man, I would say ‘beautiful nature creatures’, something that God’s decided to put on this world and that nobody is accepting.

Social medias, a monster of nowadays, bad critics, ignore them, simple as that. We are brilliant human being and don’t let no one to put you down, there are 3 plus size model woman that I get really inspired by, Ashley Graham, Precious Victoria Lee & Lexi Placourakis, simple amazing woman that inspired others to be happy and like themselves, being who you are and not wanting to be somebody else just for their bodies or their life’s.

If you feel good with your body the way it is, brilliant, the only thing I would suggest to worry is just about health, that’s the most important. As I said and do, exercise your body to the limits that your body allows you to, but don’t to diet, cause I think that we all love to eat!!!

Advices to everyone

  • Never hide what you have underneath your clothes, when you go to the beach put a bikini on and feel diva.

  • Everyone has the right to feel respectful and good, no matter how we look like.

  • Don’t get depressed because of others would say, do it, feel free!

I hope I could help to get your auto-esteem up because this post is all about it, see you soon!

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