Importance of knowing beauty products…

Do you really know the beauty products that you are using on your skin?

Today, I’ve decided to this post because there are a lot of girls that doesn’t know what they are using products for and that’s really scared me cause you have no idea how products can damaged our skin. So I grab some knowledge that I have about this and telling so we can know more about this topic.

What we should know about this?

1- Products have expiring dates, when they show on the packages is like a little can with the month that the products has, so what I do is when I open the product I write on it the date that I started using it.

2- Always pay attention of what the products are for, have in mind to ask an assistance, they might know what you are looking for, I got surprise a lot of people just offer gifts and people start using them without knowing what is for which end up damaging our skin.

3- If you want to test some products, doing a patch test is always a good idea, if you don’t know how to do that, this video below will show how to do it. We have a good reason to be scared of using beauty products, we don’t know what chemicals brands are putting on them, I really highly recommend to test them.

How do you get a patch test done at home?

Hope you like these tips and see on the next post …


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