Have you ever heard about BODYFORM?

If not, I’m going to tell you everything about this … Tip of every day!

BODYFORM® is a brand that sells dressings for discharge and menstruation. I only use the 34 so slim for discharge but I have to say that I love them since the first day that I bought them. It is breathable, like a cotton underwear, it has a ph balanced infusion that contains mild lactic acid and it’s amazing, I feel so comfortable with them, I even use it with skirts and shorts, they really stick to your underwear so it’s completely save. And if you don’t know what size are you, these packages explains everything, isn’t that perfect? What I’m going to recommend you is to change it in 2 to 3 hours just for your hygiene, speaking in hygiene, read my post about Female Intime Hygiene.

You can get them on Bodyform.co.uk and everything is explain there. Stores that I buy mine from can be Savers or Superdrug.


See you on the next…

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