Beauty Rules

Everyone have their own rules about everything in life, I’ve got some for beauty.Do you know that our skin needs to be care all year, no matter season we are on, we have to take care of it.

Starting with lip balm, you know that on summer and winter your lips can get really dry, so that’s the first rule, use a lip balm everyday to keep your lips hydrated.

Second rule is about face cleansing, our air is so polluted and so our face grabs everything as it produced serum it self. So cleansing and moisturise twice a day, morning and nights is a really important. Getting products with toning component is a big help.

Third, if you use makeup all the time, like everyday, always remove it before going to bed, not good having your makeup while you sleeping. In my case what happens is, my eyes get stuck together because of the mascara, so I’m forced to take it anyway, we all should take it off. We want a perfect skin at the age of 40 right? For that we have to prevent taking care of our skin. Try to do a face cleansing once a month in a spa or salon. Another important fact is that you always should apply moisturizer and primer before doing makeup, this help your hair follicle by closing the pores and making your skin look perfect.

My nails and toes are always cut, never get to the point where they look like a witch nails. Moisturise your hands can help keep you skin healthy. All beauty therapies also recommend to do a manicure and pedicure treatment once a month.

What about body, do you have a rule for your body? Well, YESSS. Every time that I take shower, I always moisturise my body, sweat removes all that makes your body hydrated away, that’s why we should drink a lot of water and another rule.

Have you thought that we might have rules when we sleeping? WE DO, sleeping in a silk pillowcase is better, our skin keeps sweating during the night and so have something that can helps absorbed better, but obviously wash it weekly.

Summer is coming and one of the rules that is the most important was applying sun cream, you can not imagine what the sun can do to our skin.

I  hope that I could help another girls that still are discovering the world…

See you on the next post!

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