People shouldn’t be labelled by appearance…


Today’s post it’s a bit delicate, but all I want you to guys know is that this post is not a judgemental or offence to no one, nothing. Just a word for that kind of people that let their auto-esteem down by critics about their body, their financial life and even for their success, I just want you to feel support. First of all, for me it’s so annoying when people judge sizes, looks, behaviours, etc… Most effect people on society is the fat and skinny woman and man, I wouldn’t call fat or skinny woman or man, I would say ‘beautiful nature creatures’, something that God’s decided to put on this world and that nobody is accepting.

Social medias, a monster of nowadays, bad critics, ignore them, simple as that. We are brilliant human being and don’t let no one to put you down, there are 3 plus size model woman that I get really inspired by, Ashley Graham, Precious Victoria Lee & Lexi Placourakis, simple amazing woman that inspired others to be happy and like themselves, being who you are and not wanting to be somebody else just for their bodies or their life’s.

If you feel good with your body the way it is, brilliant, the only thing I would suggest to worry is just about health, that’s the most important. As I said and do, exercise your body to the limits that your body allows you to, but don’t to diet, cause I think that we all love to eat!!!

Advices to everyone

  • Never hide what you have underneath your clothes, when you go to the beach put a bikini on and feel diva.

  • Everyone has the right to feel respectful and good, no matter how we look like.

  • Don’t get depressed because of others would say, do it, feel free!

I hope I could help to get your auto-esteem up because this post is all about it, see you soon!

Wedding Accessories For Brides

Don’t forget any important detail, feeling good on the day is something that you need for sure, so I’m here while experiencing my journey until the wedding to give you what I’ve know so far and to help you not to forget anything. Let’s starting saying that you need to feel like a princess, a model and the sexiest women in the world, why?

Feeling like a princess is something that you need so you can walk in the church with your beautiful dress.

Never forget about the night after the wedding, feel sexiest with a beautiful lingerie.

On your wedding day you should totally feel good with everything that the bride and the groom deserves.

All you could have include on your list:

– Garter;

– Lingerie;

– Hair Accessories;

– Boobs pads, according to your dress;

– Socks, according to your shoes;

Items that I have chosen for my Wedding D.:

(I wanted to show you my lingerie, but obviously my fiancé follows my blog and I didn’t want him to see it, but this is just a bit of it)

All items that you see on these pictures are from Debenhams, a shop that have a lot for brides.

2 Accessories that will give glam to your outfits – 80’s to nowadays

We know that 80’s styles are coming back slowly, a bit different but basic on the same detail like past in those years. Today, I’m going to write about these and obviously show you 2 accessories that helps to give the best glam to your outfits.

Obviously I’m going to use those accessories that I’m going to write about but a bit more modern, more nude colours and simple. Nowadays, a lot of fashion bloggers and youtubers are starting using kind of 80’s accessories.

 So what I want to show is some accessories that I’ve used on my outfits.



This look does have this simple loop which gives a lot to your outfits. You can also have a big one, I would advice to use a big one when you wear something classic or some stylish outfit. 

Same accessories on your hair…


As you can see on the picture, this is a normal scarf but I would use it for this kind of outfit and why is this? Basically is more fashionable and different than what we usual see. I had a little trick to look more like a hair loop.

I hope you like this and see you on the next post….