Plan your outfits for the week…

You want to start planning your outfits but you don’t have a lot of time to choose them?

Well to start planning outfits for the week you would only need patient, 5 minutes and 4 steps. Most important is that your clothes are all washed and fresh so you can plan your outfits more comfortable.


1- Think about the events that are coming up during week and always spend your 5 minutes during your weekend;

This is a really helpful thing, if you have got an important event you can choose more simple and classic clothing like a simple dress or a shirt and skirt, this way is going to be easy.

If you have a relax day during the week, choose a outfit just to be comfortable, but always combined colours and everything in case if you need to leave the house.

2- When you find it hard to choose what clothing colours are you going to pick, always bet for silver, black, white and nude;

Obviously black and white are the colours that are never a problem to include in a outfit. Now if you choose silver and nude, you could keep an eye on the other clothing colours that you pick. Since when I started to know more about fashion, I got to know though some website that I can’t even remember now, it said that to create an outfit you should only include 3 or 4 colours.

3- Check the weather, for sure you don’t want to wear a dress in a raining day, right?

These happened a lot to me when I was a bit innocent, I wear a warm jumper and then in the middle of the afternoon is going to be 20 degrees, so you want to make sure what weather and temperature is going to be through the day.

4- Have a look inside of your wardrobe so see what clothes have you got.

This can be an excuse to go for shopping, but if you have a lot of clothes don’t spend money on it, if you feel upset wearing the same clothes, research diy to give a different look to your clothes.

See you on the next post!

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