My Blogging Story?


Speaking to every blogger that feels disappointed with blogging,

When I was about 15/16 years old, I started researching more about blogging and even YouTube staff just because I wanted to start doing it as a hobby, I always watched other girls doing it so I was really excited to start my blog and YouTube channel as well, specially when my favourite thing during teenage stage was photograph and all related to that.  I felt challenged by social media, never thought it was so hard, thinking about every detail like editing photos and videos, words that I wrote in my posts, thinking about advertising the post on other social medias. It was a hard job at the past, I have to say, I felt scared  and uncapable where it got to the point when I just gave up, I wasn’t getting people to watch my videos or anything, from me, it was a waste of time.

After I came to England, few months later, I’ve decided to start doing videos and blogging staff again, this time it was a bit better, I had more time for myself and to dedicated to my hobbies. But than life just took my time away without a warning, I’ve moved in with my fiancé, started working, decided getting married, adults staff and it’s not easy when you have a lot to do on your daily basis. Anyway, last year in about September/November I started this blog, at the time I was really sure that I was going to do this without giving up, promising to myself that I would dedicate all the time that I had to this like if it was my second job. Truth is when I started doing organization plan about every detail, everything became more easy, still facing a lot of struggling things, like sometimes I can’t have posts published in time, I just make mistakes on my writing and after a long time trying to make my blog successful I’ve been learning that if I do everything like I planned step by step, it’s more easy and at the end I feel pleasured to completed my  targets as a blogger.


Stories In Luggage,

Maria Alves

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