How can I know that my hair is healthy?

Most of the times we think that our hair is healthy just the way it looks but sometimes those moments can be where your hair is most damage.

So my experience with my hair becoming very clear when I started to take care of it really serious, experiencing, keeping asking questions to my hairdresser and also because one of the courses that I took in college which I had to learn a bit of the hair.

I selected some properties that can tell you if your hair is healthy, if you still unsure about these, always ask your hairdresser, is really important to take care of what can make you most happy and beautiful. The basic properties that you should be looking for in your hair are:

  • Natural Shining;
  • No split endings;
  • Softness;

Of course, if you don’t feel that your hair have these above, I just tested some products which I know that is going to work or at least help getting your hair better conditions.

Natural Shining/ No Split Endings:

  • Schwarzkopf Gliss (Express – Repair – Conditionair);


  • Schwarzkopf Got2b (Argan Oil).


No Split Endings/Softness:

  • Natural World (Coconut Oil);


  • Elvive Dream Lenghts.


See you on the next post!



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