Before getting your dreams come true!

I’m going to start this topic with 5 different subjects which they are organization, analyse, search, motivation and savings. Why did I decided to speak about this, it has a simple reason, before this year started, me and my fiance started planning certain things and everything is going in a completely different way. So today I’m going to help you thinking about some points to think of.

Organization, Searching & Analyse

Always think the little details for some that you are planning, for example, buying a house you need to look for the right house that you want, if possible cheaper, for that searching is essential, get as a resource different websites and visiting house agencies, have a conversation with the banks to see the best options, more information is never a problem. Every plan needs to be organized, search and analysed, so we can choose the best option for our self.

Analyzing is a good way of seeing what is important and what priorities have you got in in your life, if you think that is worth it or not, another point that can help you thinking about is when you can put your plans in practice, decided a month or a year to make a goal time, if your plans require a good amount of money, think about when can you get this quantity of money.


Always be confident and of course positive. Never doubt of yourself, think about your plans everyday, not about the time to make them happen, every single plan needs time and patience, a plan well organized and analysed is important.


If you have got a job that gives you good money but not enough get a part time, an extra money is not a problem. Think that you need to work hard to make your plans going forward.

Making our dreams come true was never easy that’s why they are called dreams before making it happen. 

-Maria Alves

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