Wedding Memories Gifts

Have you done everything that is more important?

So let’s starting thinking about the wedding memories gift, we as a couple that are going to get married we have to be grateful and say thank you to everyone that is going to come to our ceremony and be part of this beautiful and unique moment, today I’m going to give you some tips about how to plan your memories gift.

Tips for the wedding memories gift

1- You have to think something about your after party theme, because that is what is going to make the your party amazing and creative;

2- My experience about doing a DIY was awful, you always end up thinking that you are going to spend less money instead of order it from some place, that’s a lie, depending on what you want to do, you have to think about the people that are going to your part, if it’s a lot of people or not. If yes, I highly recommend you to order because is going to be cheaper, if it’s just some people, than you can think about doing a DIY.

3- As we all know, that brides like to have bridesmaids and if you are really friendly with them, you could do a more special wedding memories gift for them as a way of saying thank you for helping with the bride getting ready for the wedding;

4- Think of something small, try to be more simple as possible when creating or planning on this moment. Of course that everyone can do whatever they like, but if you choose a classic or more rural theme, simple think are always a good option to keep on mind;

5- Always go forward with the order or DIY, couple months before the wedding day, at the time you should have the confirmation from the people that you invited.

There you go some websites that have wedding memories gift:



See you on the next post, I hope you like and get inspired!