Mother’s Day

This post is 100% dedicated to all the mother’s out there, but specially my beautiful mum.

Today I’ve decided, to do a little surprise to my mum, lately is been hard to be far away from her, I’m glad that I move to England but on the other side, I’m not, because I’m 2000 km from my parents. I miss them everyday. So I wanted to show this video to everyone and probably you won’t understand because everything is in sign language, YES, my parents are def and I love them the way they are even knowing that I was a horrible kid embarrassed of them which nowadays, being a grown up person I know that I don’t need to be feeling like that cause they are my parents and they are normal people.

My mum Surprise!

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Today I’m making this video to say that I love you mum, I know that I wasn’t the perfect daughter when I was younger, but now I’m a grown up and what’s the most important is to appreciate the moment that we, as a family have, you always agreed to play with me all the time even when we were having dinner, I realized that you were and still are a cool mum. I probably didn’t show you that much, but I really love you. It was hard to move to England, not seeing you everyday makes my heart dying piece by piece. Today’s mother’s day and I hope you know that I send kisses every night to the moon so you can look at them. I love you mum!!!

See you on the next post, please always support your mother, we only have one!