Ideas for a lovely Mother’s Day!

On this post I decided to do a surprise to my mum but also give you guys ideas for Mother’s Day. Always give your mother the attention that she deserves, we never remind our self to show her how much we love her or wanting to see her happy. When I was younger I didn’t care what she was telling me even if it’s was for my own well being. But when you start growing you realized that she is the best thing that life gave you and that no one else can love you more than her.

Ideas for Mother’s Day!

  • Give a box which you can costume with old photos of you and your mum;
  • Go out for a dinner with your mum;
  • Make a little party at your house while she goes for shopping, get all brothers and sisters together and organize everything. A little tip is to speak with your dad to go with her and keep texting about her steps so you have everything done before she gets back;
  • Give her some gift that she has been wanting for a long time and obviously give her flowers, cause that is what makes women happy.