First Impression – The Ritual of Ayurveda (Tip of the day)

I never heard about this product but when I first get to see it, I was so curious to try. I used this product like a week and I know that is not a lot of time but still you can start seeing some results of hydration.

First Impression

It smells lovely but also intense and strong, the effective target is to balancing the body skin, I’ve tried on my legs to see some results and it was really soft and hydrated. So I got to research more about why they created this product, this is considered an ancient wisdom from India to improve health well-being, by cleansing and nourishment our energy. What I found the most interesting was the Balancing Ceremony which you can do in 4 steps with their different products. Their website is, believing or not, I will get some of this products. Their price is not that expensive and you can get it easily on their website. You can get these products also from Debenhams and John Lewis stores.

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