Loved Beauty Winter Products


Girls, we all know that winter is one of the season’s of the year that can damaged our skin and even our health, I’ve been thinking about this topic and I came out with some products that really helped me this winter.

First of all, we should point the parts of your body that damaged more easily, for example, my face normally gets bad specially my noise, mouth and my cheeks skin zones. People that gets dry skin over the winter normally oily products would help but there are some other  people that get skin irritation because they have sensitive skin, all of this should be thought before buying products to improve your skin condition.

The products that I’ve been loving this winter are:

Coconut Oil:

My skin normally is really dry on my legs, arms and even my cheek zone, so applying a product opposite of my current condition is good at this point. Always get the option the 100% coconut oil, try to go for the more natural products or within the Ph of the skin range which is 5.5.


Vaseline (Aloe Vera or Rose and Almond Oil):

Obviously if you already know this brand you know that are more flavors but these two are the ones that I like the most. My lips normally gets also dry, but the funny thing, I suppose that everyone knows the normally Vaseline and coconut oil, those ones just make my lips to get even more dry so I try to avoid them.


Dove Hand Cream (Invigorating Ritual – For Dry Skin – Avocado Oil & Calendula Extract):

For my hands as they also get really really dry, this is being my lovely at the moment and I don’t use it only for winter, I use on the summer as well. This cream has an oily texture which makes it even more better for my hands and on me, I can see that my skin observes pretty quickly.


#6 Anti-ageing Derma Serum 

I used this really cheap product because it’s texture is so oily and sometimes when my skin is peeling off dryness bits, I figure it out that this products helps a lot. Not speaking about the price but also has another effective advantage which is the anti-ageing serum.


I hope you like this post and feel free to comment below what are your favorite winter products.

See you on the next post!