Valentine’s Day 2019

This post it for the ones that doesn’t believe in love. Two years ago, I was in college, without a boyfriend and when this day comes, I would spend the day home or even with friends, like it doesn’t exist at all. So I meet my man on the 17.07.2017, so this would be my 2nd valentine’s day with him. Never thought I would start living with this man specially when I was really insecure with myself relating to boys. I’ve been loving living the only life that God’s gave me and I’m living with all love I can possible give.

So I decided to do this surprise just to put all the stress things a way and have a moment with him. To have conversations about us, to have that close feeling with him. It was not perfect, not a big surprise for this day, but was something simple and to appreciate.

So I want to show you guys this video, so you could see that every relationship can be good if you appreciate small things. If you are single at this point, don’t rush to have someone by your side, take your time and enjoy life, you will meet the right person on the right time.


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