#BlendOut Bullying

Bullying nowadays is so forgettable, that people doesn’t still don’t care about it, I got through this situation myself, I suffered bullying when I was in high school. I don’t know why, maybe because I was shy, maybe because I was quite or maybe for nothing, just to create the annoying effect on me. I don’t know, but what I know is that I never care about what people say even if it’s the most hurtful things, things that were said by people that didn’t know my life at all. My secret to fight with it was just ignoring those people that didn’t have a life themselves. I love all the things that God put into earth like black people, Chinese people, English people, def people,  fat people, skinny people, etc… One of the things that I don’t support is that these people are suffering for being label by the society which are us, humans which means bullies shouldn’t say a thing because they are humans as well. Yeah, the world is a very confused place, remembering that humans are the most intelligent creatures in the earth but with the most awful behaviors, I honestly don’t get what is the point wanting to be bigger than the others when we are all the same.

Anyway,  I decided to enjoy this challenge because I’m totally AGAINST BULLYING, and so I want to show what is actually beauty.



Don’t judge anyone alive cause we all have something in common which are feelings should be appreciate and not hated.

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My experience buying my wedding dress… (Part 2)

Have you ever thought about what store and what kind of dress would I buy?

Well, I’ve done so many questions about that, but after looking for some pictures on internet, through online stores and even on google, I started to get an idea of what could fit me good and I even asked my fiance what dress would he like to see on me. Believe me, when you tried a wedding dress on, is when you start getting the actually idea of what you want.

I bought my dress on WED2B (Norwich), a store where you can find in a lot of places in England. All I need to say about the staff is that all of them were so helpful and understandable about my unsure ideas, they put me comfortable in all ways, I shared all ideas of what I wanted to see in a dress, about my budget and all questions that a bride normally wants to get answer like “Is it too earlier to buy a wedding dress?”. I highly recommend this store because the price is amazing,  you don’t need appointment when you first go there and you can try all the dresses that you want until you find what you are looking for.

I wish to show you the dress but unfortunately, I think we all know the traditional wedding rule where the groom can’t see the dress.

Always have that feeling where you are comfortable and feeling like a princess, getting married for the first time and hopefully for the last time is a magical experience.



If you want to see What do you need to think before buying the wedding dress? (Part 1)

This post is about some advice before buying the your wedding dress!

Valentine’s Day 2019

This post it for the ones that doesn’t believe in love. Two years ago, I was in college, without a boyfriend and when this day comes, I would spend the day home or even with friends, like it doesn’t exist at all. So I meet my man on the 17.07.2017, so this would be my 2nd valentine’s day with him. Never thought I would start living with this man specially when I was really insecure with myself relating to boys. I’ve been loving living the only life that God’s gave me and I’m living with all love I can possible give.

So I decided to do this surprise just to put all the stress things a way and have a moment with him. To have conversations about us, to have that close feeling with him. It was not perfect, not a big surprise for this day, but was something simple and to appreciate.

So I want to show you guys this video, so you could see that every relationship can be good if you appreciate small things. If you are single at this point, don’t rush to have someone by your side, take your time and enjoy life, you will meet the right person on the right time.