My Hair

Have you ever feel that your hair need a change?

So I thought about it & put it in practice. I was facing some hair issues like I washed today and tomorrow it would be all greasy seeming like I didn’t wash it for like months. Since my last change I knew that something was not good. For people that doesn’t know, I died my hair with blonde ombre, and so I start using color care shampoo and conditioner, what I was distracted about, I was applying the color care products on my roof which was my natural color. So I spoke with my hairdresser and told me that I should use a shampoo for volume that it would help reduce my greasy problem at least for longer time after washing my hair.

Also he mentioned some actions that could make your hair greasy really quickly, as for example:

  • Don’t massage your scalp to much as it can stimulate what makes our hair greasy;
  • Use the correct shampoo and conditioner, to make sure, ask your hairdresser what you should use;
  • Don’t brush your hair unless your hair is really messy;

I wanted to show what kind of products I’m using at the moment:


I hope you like this tips and see you on the next post!

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