Body Care

You probably take care of your skin face, but body is also important, so I will show some of the products that I use on my week days and what I do on the weekends. As everybody could notice is that I’m passion to take care of myself, so here I will tell you my tricks.

First, you have to know how is you skin, if it’s too dry or too oily, for example mine is also normal and sometimes really dry, so I bought a product for dry skin and intensive creams, cause in my opinion they work a little better than the normal ones.


As far as I know that is a good time to apply creams to your body is after a bath/shower, because the skin is damp so the skin will absorb better. And the times that I normally apply is after whenever I take a shower, I also know that taking more than a shower per day is not good for you skin, so take more than one unless you really need. I apply this cream to the feet as well, my feet they have a bit problem, I have a itching skin whenever I apply creams, but with this one it didn’t, which is really good.

50309747_284135285609793_4304743363120201728_nHave you ever feel the skin around your nails a bit dry, when we get to the winter, I’m certain that is going to happen, so I apply petroleum jelly to my nails to hydrate, if you follow my Instagram you probably notice that I use the same brand but it’s with the smell and taste of rose and almond oil, and I use it for lips.


As my hands are also important, I use this cream to make my hands feeling a bit soft, my job has a warm environment, so my hands end up being really dry.

If you wish to red what products do I apply on my face, check out on My skin goals 2019 .


I hope you like this post and start taking care of yourself which is really important.

See you on the next post !


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