How to get ideas for wedding decoration?

This post is going to be the most difficult to write for one reason, because it was really hard to get myself inspired for my wedding decoration. However,I used some different resources and I will give you the same resources for you to get inspired as well. So they were: Pinterest, wedding magazines, Instagram, google and also the taste that me and my fiance have.

As we both like simple things, we just googled and looked in magazines some simple stuff about nature, light, water and colors of fire, it maybe seems weird but it actually helped us. Another idea is to pick a color that both like and just make the decoration without an actually theme, just combining every colors that the couple choose, that is what I was planning to do, thank god my fiance had an amazing ideas. With this post I wanted to help find ways to get inspired, be creative it’s not going to be easy, but you will get to the point.

Never forget that the church needs to be decorated with the same theme as the party or you can do it differently but a bit more simple, chorus is also important I think that hearing people singing when you are going in the church makes this moment even more emotional, keep this idea on mind.

Have you also thought about how are you going to get to entrance the party after the ceremony, by car, by a limousine or with horses? This could be a good way to entrance your own party, you can even think about rent a good car for that day, compare prices to different options and ways.

See you on the next post!


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