Wedding Second main part…

After all the celebration at the church you obviously want to have like a big party, and so you also have to plan this and worry about some stuff.

After you have a date booked at the church, you can do everything after that about the place where you want to do the celebration. In my case I’ve been worry about the food and prices that you pay per person, we want to get marry but in a cheap way and so we have to look into every little information, after you do the list of people that you want to invite, book a meeting with the owner of the place and discuss about how many people are going and the date of confirmation (which you also need to have is a confirmation date, this way you can be more organized about your wedding plans), also discuss if the price for adults is the same for kids (I’ve remembered to ask that because the owner didn’t discuss anything about that, so we thought that the price for adults would be the same for kids).

Another important thing it’s, do you want to pay everything or make the invited people to pay? Nowadays people pay their food and everything, but if your family doesn’t have a lot of financial possibilities I think it would be fair if the couple pay everything, so keep on mind that everything need to be cheap (this is my opinion, of course you can have a wedding however you want).


Then what you need to speak with the owner, is about what service they offer, if they include:

  • Decoration;
  • Cake;
  • Music and entertainment;
  • End time of the event;
  • Photographer;


If not, you have to start using other resources, like going to the bakery near your home and start asking for prices, going to decoration stores and start planning your theme so everything can be more easy (your invitation should be according your party theme) photographer see what kind of service they offer and see the best price for you in everything, then think about the music and the entertainment for the kids, cause if there are some kids going you have to think something to keep they busy. If you think about this, you will get married in a cheap and beautiful way.


To help me about the decoration, I bought a magazine about wedding plan that told me some points and gave me some inspiration for me and my fiance and it actually worked, now we’ve decided something really important and in a cheap way. Always get your budget according with what you can spend, this also an important tip. 

I hope you like this, see you on next post…

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