My skin goals 2019

This year is gonna be full of goals but my skin is one of them and what I mean by that ?

Well, I mean take more care about my skin. I feel like last year I was not careful enough, I didn’t care much about me but that is gonna change, becoming my goal this year.

So I decided to start selecting some products and say how good they are as I’ve tried them since couple weeks ago, every single day, to actually see good results.

This products are for cleansing your skin daily (cleansing, toner and moisturiser) & some others weekly (exfoliation and mask).

Cleansing & toner

My skin is really sensible, so to avoid irritate it, I use this lovely cleansing with toner to remove my makeup and also the dirty substances that you get along the day, toner also balance the ph of your skin which is perfect.


This one I use to exfoliate to remove the oily and also dry skin. Normally use it once or twice a week depending how my skin is every week.

I have to be honest, exfoliating is not a good part of the daily skin care perhaps essencial, I hate to feel the bits of this products so to remove them I use the yellow sponge which helps to remove better.

Also another tool that’s really good to make it more effective, is this …

Honestly never know the name of it but it’s simple, easy to get and wash. I use it doing circular movements after the exfoliation product is applied.

Daily moisturiser that I have been loving is this gold collagen product.

My skin as been feeling amazing after applying this product. Highly recommend it! For people that doesn’t know what is collagen, that is what makes your skin stretch giving you the look of younger appearance.


This mask detoxifies and clarifies. I use his 2-3 times in a week, my skin feels so soft and clear. That’s why I love it.

I hope you like it and that all the girls out there put this goal into their life’s, our health and skin are the most important things to have high auto estime with.

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