I’m going to get married!

Yeeaaahhhh, I’m going to get married!

I know that I haven’t been posting here but it’s because my life is so crazy right now, a lot of things to sort out and to worry about.

Let’s get to the main point, I will start speaking about marriage cause since I knew that I was going to get married I’ve been facing a lot stressful things. A wedding has to be planned step by step and specially if you want a big party or even a ceremony, more harder will be to get it.

So I will start posting topics and advices for the brides or even grooms, how to get everything ready as I’m going to experiencing I will tell you everything, so I know that if one day that happens with you, you will have an idea about how to do to things.

The first advice that I’m giving you is an app that’s going to make your life easier.

Wedding Planner

I hope you have a lovely day and if you enjoy to read this, comment below.

See you on next post…

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