What to think before doing a tattoo?

First of all, you have to remember that a tattoo is for you all life and to remove it, the treatment can cause serious transformation to the part that you wish to remove.

So always choose something that actually as a meaning or even if it is something that you just simple like, do it in small sizes or hide (this is what I would do).

Also, never forget that a human body is a piece of art, try to take care of it carefully.

At the moment I have 2 tattoos and I wish to do more to be honest, but the drawings that I have chosen are simple and with meaning for me.

I done a rose because it’s my favourite flower.

And the phrase that I’ve had done is also something that never came out of my head cause for me this mean to never be afraid of living your life.

Tips to take care of your tattoo…

When you get a tattoo done the what you are going to feel is burning and after that itchy. A tattoo takes 3 months to heal completely and during those months we have to hydrate the area and for that, I would advice to use this products for about a month:

Coconut oil

The following 2 months I would use any cream appropriate for the tattoo, like the one that I’m going to show below:

Also I’ve hear that people normally use crocodile oil that is really good but to be honest I never used. But it’s always worth it to try.

I hope you like this post and always think before you do a tattoo.

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