How do I start saving for Christmas ?

I hope all of you are excited for Christmas like I’m. This season is one of the best in all year.

On this post I will give you some tips so you can save up for the gifts.

For the many of you that has a saving account with your partner or if you share everything even what comes in and out o your account I have some trick that you can give.

1 • Countdown how many days it’s still left …

And then you start saving just a little bit, for an example £5 or £10, until you see that you have all the money to buy your partner’s a gift. That’s what the trick that I did & he didn’t find out how much money I had save up for his gift.

2 • How would you hide your gifts?

Well I’m a expert on that, every single place is perfect to me, but obviously the point is not to show to the people gifts.

I would give the idea, inside of your wardrobe, above the wardrobe, under your bed but try not to make it so visible.

This I would advice everyone to be creative and imaginative to hide your gifts.

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