What I achieved this year?

I know that is to earlier to speak what were the most fantastic goals that I made it come true this year.


First of all, I live with the best person in this earth, honestly was the most scared thing to do but I risked it and I can say that it’s a bit stressful but I’m happy.

Then I started this wonderful world of blogging, which is also a bit stressful cause for people that is in this world knows that we have to keep up with the posts, but still I believe with time everything will be better and a bit more organized.

Also in this year, I’m already planning things that I can’t show or even tell you, the secret of life is to planned and make it to come true and then tell to anyone you want.

Then I got a job that’s hard but at the same time good and worth to put effort on it.

Maybe is just simple things that I realized that had a big impact on my life and believe me, I really want to start planning new things to do next year, believe me this year just run so quickly but with good things.

Never forget to be grateful in everything and is not a good moment for you, be strong and I always remember to myself, hope you do the same…



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