Eyelashes Lifting

It’s surprising that a lot of girls doesn’t know what is eyelash lifting treatment. I was one of them until I did my beauty course.

An old photo of me with college uniform.

So bellow, you are going to have some tips before doing an eyelash lifting in case of your curiosity.

Do you know what is an eyelashes lifting ?

• This treatment is based on 45 minutes time and you would expect at the end of treatment your eyelashes looking like you have mascara on.

Your eyelashes will stay like it has mascara for like a month and after that time you would need to do the treatment again if you like.

Things that you need to know before doing an eyelash lifting.

• An important things that you must know, in case of any beauty therapy doesn’t do is that you need to do a patch test 24 hours before the treatment day. Why? Because if you don’t do it, you could end up with an allergy to the products that wouldn’t be nice.

Advantages of this treatment.

• These treatment has a lot of advantages:

– If your work place doesn’t allow you to use makeup, with this treatment you would always look like you have your mascara on;

– Hot holidays, normally people end up not putting makeup on, because they would probably want to swim or do any of other activities;

– If you are lazy applying mascara this is a good treatment, you only need to put a lipstick and done! Looking perfect.

After care treatment.

(At least, within 24 hours)

• Avoid putting water directly to your eyelashes;

• Avoid doing sweaty exercising;

• Avoid putting beauty products to your eyelashes;

Eyelash lift Treatment that I’ve done when I was in college.

Well I hope you enjoy this post, this is my favourite treatment in the beauty world, what is yours ? ❤️

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