Tip of the day

Sleeping …

Do you feel like you didn’t sleep at all during the night ?

Well, I’ve been feeling the same but I also found out ways of what could make me feel better.

Going to bed earlier

Going to bed earlier around 22:30 pm and wake up at 6:30 am, you sleep about 8 hours which is the best option.

Take your time to get up but don’t feel lazy, in this way you will be more time in bed and probably you will wake up again with pain in your body (At least this is what happen to me if I sleep more hours than 8).

Do you wake up several times at night ?

This also happens a lot with me, so I think in this case, we all should take a chamomile tea as it helps to decrease anxiety and treat insomnia.

So before bed, don’t forget to drink your cup of chamomile tea!

If you feel stress or with anxiety as I mentioned before, chamomile tea will help to reduce anxiety and it will be as a mild tranquilizer.

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