Why I started GYM ?

Part 1

Hi to everyone, I decided to speak about why I started gym because my goal with my body is quit challenging so to make your life easier if you have the same goals, I will give you some advice about all stuff.

1. Why I started gym?

For quit a long time I wanted to change this part of my body, but I didn’t have the possibility to go to the gym as I was still going to college. So since I started my job, I put in my head that I wanted to make every effort to go to the gym and eat the way I need, to get my body how I want & is also healthy.

(I’m going to apologise because I couldn’t take a decent picture of my silhouette to show you what I want to change on my body.)

2. How is my diet?

When I was researching about what diet I should have, I got surprised, you should get a fat healthy diet and what I mean by that? You should eat ingredients with calories & nutrients, all healthy. I don’t mean like, eating fast food or anything like that.

Here I will leave some pictures about the ingredients that I try to use on my meals during the day.

Some fish, chicken, beef would be also healthy for your meals. Try to avoid pork meat as it contains a lot of bad fat.

3. How many times I go to the gym per week ?

Normally I go to the gym everyday apart from 1 or 2 days to rest which happen on the weekend. The reason I work out during the week is because gives me more energy, maybe this doesn’t happened with everyone but with me it does. Also, as my job is a bit hard, these cause less pain on my body.

I hope you enjoy these little advices cause believe me, it will save some of your time

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