5 Top products that I love…

For the vain lady’s out there, I guess that all of us have some favourite products that we can’t get enough of. My ones I find interesting cause they are not what normally women would use very often or probably they would but is not very common. Anyway, these are the ones that I love to use…

The TRESemmé Mask you probably know why I love it from my post Blonde Hair – Tips and Advice.

The TATTO MOISTURISER is also one of my favourite because I have 2 tattoos so to keep them like I made recently I use this product and it also moisturise when my tattoos are placed on.

What can surprise you may be the eye wash and the aromatherapy pillow mist, can you guess why I love them ?

Well, the aromatherapy pillow mist can help you sleep better as aromatherapy treatment are for stress relieve, I advice people with stress issues use this product, it can really help.

Next, eye wash, some girls can forget to remove the makeup after clubbing and as we all know, it can bring some problems to our skin and eyes, the makeup I normally use are mascara & some eyeshadow and in the morning I feel like my eyes are stuck together & bits inside of them, so after cleansing my eyes I use this eye wash which really help that’s why it is one of my favourites.

All of this products are cheap and easy to get, they won’t be out of my box of products.

Try them, I believe you won’t regret it.

See you on next post !

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