Halloween Stories & Inspirations

Halloween Is Coming…

Are you planning staying at home and probably watching some scary movies?

Well, let’s be fun and get some clothing & just make something up to go to the street & do the trick or treat.

I wasn’t a person that would be excited for Halloween, but since I came to England people take this seriously and why not joining the party. I do have a lot of good memories about Halloween. Two years ago I was invited to a Halloween party, so I told to myself that I wanted to go simple but also scary. This is what I end up doing …

When I was walking to my friend’s house, I scared a lot of kids and maybe put some of them crying while their parents were laughing. When I got to the party, people were staring at me like “What have you done with your life”.

Another funny story is, when I was in primary school, in Portugal, I used to think that the fake scary masks were real, so every since Halloween come, I used to cry and hide just so the teachers and my friends that enjoyed to scare me, wouldn’t notice about me, even knowing that the teachers would have to find me, but you know, an innocent child mind!

Anyway, I hope you get a lot of sweets and scare a lot of people, cause now, I found it funny!

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