Coconut Oil Cube

How many useful things can you do with coconut oil?

This week, I have been trying applying coconut oil for a different things. I have tried using coconut oil to remove makeup (apart from mascara and eyeliner), to remove dirty from the face, obviously it can deep hydrate the skin and the last thing I have tried was to put a little bit of coconut oil around the face before doing a makeup, remove with a cotton pad and then do your makeup (the makeup was with a good ending touch).

Skin Care Advice

My advice is, for people that have oily skin I would not use coconut oil a lot of times as it can stimulate more sebum (oil) to your face.

People with dry skin, this would be good to use a couple times a week.


How I did it, was very simple, I got 100% coconut oil and I put it on ice cube tray for about a day in the freezer.

Very useful, I leave my coconut oil pieces by the sink and I use most of the times to take my makeup off or just to moisturize my skin.

Even washing my face, all the dirty doesn’t come out, so I tried this and it worked out!

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