Have you visit Lanzarote ?

Lanzarote is a place that is located in Las Canaries, a place where people around you would speak Spanish. To visit this part of this country, you would have in consideration the beauty of mountains, the beaches, the desert that looks like.

(This was one the the beaches that they have there, so quite in this place).

I never had travel to other country apart from Netherlands and UK, but this trip to Lanzarote was good. Had a lot of scary moments but also goods.

All of my family stay in a hotel with 4*, about the hotel? That’s the part that I have to tell you about the scary moment, when I was going to take a shower after a long day, I grabbed a bath towel, and some cockroaches just fall in the bath. I didn’t know where to run. But still, the food at least was good really similar to English and Portuguese food. Then, we visit the town center which was a bit far from where we were, when we get there we were just looking to everything to find something new, we found this shop where they did fish massage, I was really scared but also a bit disgusting for doing a feet massage like this, anyway at the end my feet were amazing.

At the end of the day, I recommend you to go there, cause I didn’t like that much the desert environment that looked like, but still was a good trip.

Dorada Beach!

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