When I did my beauty therapy course I had no idea of what was aromatherapy, far away of thinking that this could be related to beauty.

Aromatherapy is a process of getting rid of stress, this could be done in 3 ways that I personally know, which can be massage, just inhalation through a treatment and through inhalation while you sleeping.

(SK Clinic + Spa – Bury St Edmunds)

• Aromatherapy massage normally is given on the neck, back and shoulder where you can get a lot of tension;

• Aromatherapy Inhalation can be done by 2 ways, during a massage treatment, the therapist can use an oil and inhale it 3 or 4 times. The other way is to use specific products that you can spray to a pillow or even spray in all room, this will get your stress away.

It’s really important that you do a aromatherapy massage, specially if you suffer a lot with tension shoulders, neck and back. I have to say, specially I got an aromatherapy massage yesterday, and I still feel relaxed.

Put it in practice and see how is goes with your stress!

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