Beauty Tools – Why do I use them ?

Every woman needs to have these tools to make life easier when getting ready for something or even when taking care of our self.

On this post, I’m going to show some beauty tools in general that helps me a lot when taking care of myself. I’m a bit exaggerated because when I do treatments on myself I have to feel like I’m on the spa, an idiot idea but still it’s what make me more comfortable.

These are the beauty tools that I use:

I feel that these products help me a lot when doing treatments to myself . Perhaps, I want to explain you why do I use some of them and their benefits.

As probably everyone knows, cotton swabs I use to remove makeup without touching other areas of the face, the other tool that I honestly never hear the name of it, I use to curve my eyelashes, which for me it really helps.

Hydration the skin it’s really important, for me to be more effective I normally put this feet socks on all night, in the morning I feel like the feet’s absorbed all the product deeply into the skin.

The other tool, that I don’t know the name as well, I use to remove hard layers of skin ( be careful of anyone is going to try for the first time, it really can cut the areas that you use it on).

Probably most of you, will think, why is it a spatula on my beauty tool list, before thinking about hydration and all that fancy things that girls have, we should think about hygiene, and this kind of spatula is use to remove product from the packages, putting your hands into the product can lead to spread of germs into your cream.

This is the list of my beauty tools, I hope you enjoy it and if you use different tools, you can let me know which ones, let’s help each other’s to male our life easier!

🌸 Have a good FRIDAY 🌸

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