My daily skincare

Have you got any idea what skincare we should have everyday ?

Well before I did my beauty therapy course I didn’t know this kind of things. So today, I’m going to show some products that I use and works for my skin type.

Skin type is also important, you have to know your skin, sometimes we can use different product to our skin that can makes our skin more oily or even more dry causing a bit of damage to our skin. There are 5 skin types: oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitivity.

In more my case, my skin is combination which is a mixture of some places dry and others that are oily.

My daily skincare it’s cleansing 2x a day (morning and night), exfoliate 1x or 2x a week, moisturise 2x a day and finally always clean your face before going to bed, cleanse with make up remover when using make up.

Products that I use:

GARNIER SKINACTIVE (combination or sensitivity skin) make up remover.




Also I recommend you to go to a spa and do a facial treatment because mask, tone and some relaxation time with a good massage is deserved.

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