“I left college and start working.”

This is a hard decision that everyone has to make when you get the choices to go to college or just start working.

I’m starting a new chapter of my life, everyone says to have a future we need to have a lot of courses with good grades and probably go to university. Since I left college I didn’t have no idea what was the working world, but what I learnt from it was that is not that bad and somehow I find it was the better way to have freedom and choice of how we are going to live our life.

When I get my last course which was beauty therapy, I never thought that if I get job in that industry I had to be 12 hours just on my work place, working and basically getting up in the morning, going to work and finish at 8 o’clock in the night, have dinner and then bed, and honestly do that Monday until Saturday, it is not that good.

But always remember you have to feel good with your job, if you want to stay 12 hours working in something that you love that’s great, but if you prefer to spend 8 hours doing a job that at the eyes of others seems to be horrible but you like what you do, that’s amazing. I got the choice of leaving college and live my life with a job that I like and the most important thing that I advice everyone doing is to be happy, always, no matter what way of life you choose.

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