“A different way of doing a pizza.”

Have you got no ideas for a snack when you invite your friends to come over to your house?

Well, I’ve tried this recipe a couple weeks ago, and to be honest everyone that try it, loved it. Even on the rushing times, this is a good recipe to do, tasty and done quickly.


• Slices bread (as much as you like);

• Tomato sauce;

• Grated cheese;

• Oregano;


• Bacon; pepperoni; ham; etc…


• Switch on the oven at 180C;

• Apply tomato sauce on the slice bread (recommend: don’t put too much of tomato sauce, when it gets cooler, it won’t be nice to eat). Then put just a little bit of oregano (I normally put a bit on my hand and then I spread it all over the slice bread), after that put some grated cheese as much as you like, next step you can use all the optional ingredients that you prefer.

Leave in the oven for 10 minutes.

ATTENTION: keep looking anyway, you probably don’t want to put your house on fire 😂 .

I hope you like, it’s a cheap way of calling your friends to come over and have a little snack.

I hope you like it!

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