Blonde Hair – Tips and Advice

Today I’m going to give some tips for people that turned blonde recently. I died my hair on last Saturday and this week was horrible for me because I didn’t know what to use on my hair, even going to google or YouTube, it didn’t help. So I went to the shops and grab each product that would be good for blonde hairs.

And the ones that I found were…

First of all, I have a specific order that I use which is in the middle of the week (Wednesday) I use the purple shampoo and conditioner, then the TRESemme KERATIN SMOOTH MASK and next on the rest of the week if I take a shower I use the TRESemme COLOUR REVITALISE SHAMPOO, MASK and CONDITIONER. At the end of each treatment I use an oil of keratin which is very good for the frizz and damage hair.

I use these products because they are good for my hair and I feel it shine and healthy.


I have some advice to give to all the girls that will start using these products, because there are some rules that we, blonde girls need to know.

Just for all of you to know, I never tried the JOHN FRIEDA COLOUR RENEW because I was scared to mix with the purple shampoos. But when I tried I will come here and tell you about the product.

Procedure of what I call of “PURPLE TREATMENT”…

First I normally used the Brightening shampoo from PRO:VOKE – TOUCH THE SILVER and then I use the TRESemme COLOUR REVITALISE SHAMPOO (read the manual instruction because each product can have a different way to use), the next step that I do is applying the intensive conditioner from PRO:VOKE – TOUCH OF SILVER. Remembering that these 2 products we need to apply the same amount, if not, these products can damage and change your blonde tone and finally, using the the TRESemme KERATIN SMOOTH MASK to smooth your hair and apply some keratin oil. And …

Voila !!!

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