Valentine’s Day 2019

This post it for the ones that doesn’t believe in love. Two years ago, I was in college, without a boyfriend and when this day comes, I would spend the day home or even with friends, like it doesn’t exist at all. So I meet my man on the 17.07.2017, so this would be my 2nd valentine’s day with him. Never thought I would start living with this man specially when I was really insecure with myself relating to boys. I’ve been loving living the only life that God’s gave me and I’m living with all love I can possible give.

So I decided to do this surprise just to put all the stress things a way and have a moment with him. To have conversations about us, to have that close feeling with him. It was not perfect, not a big surprise for this day, but was something simple and to appreciate.

So I want to show you guys this video, so you could see that every relationship can be good if you appreciate small things. If you are single at this point, don’t rush to have someone by your side, take your time and enjoy life, you will meet the right person on the right time.


What do you need to think before buying the wedding dress? (Part 1)

When you are getting married, buying the dress is one of the moment where you have to feel like a princess, but on this process of getting everything done you never end up thinking properly about the main details.

First thoughts when I felt ready to buy my wedding dress:

  • What are the kind of dress that would fit me okay? 
  • Should I buy it from internet?
  • How long should I anticipate from the wedding day, to buy the dress?

And if you are from another country, you may also think about: If you should buy your dress in your country or in England (in my case I’m in England)?

My opinion about all this questions is starting with, don’t buy it from internet, at the start I was thinking in doing it, but then a lot of people told me not to because the photos that you see on the internet not always is the same in real life, some stores are so expensive even on the internet, and sometimes the quality is not good. So is more worth it to look in some physical stores online and then go to them, always pay attention to the details, some stores need appointment.

About the time, there are people that buy the dress with 2 years time before the wedding date but I would recommend it to buy with 6 or 8 months depending as I said, if you need appointment on the store that you wish to buy your wedding dress.

Before I went to the store, I had an idea about what kind of dress I would like to try on me, I even look through some online stores, and to be honest I didn’t know what would look good on me. So I went to a store that didn’t need appointment, I told to the lady that was helping me, I wanted to try different dresses and about my budget. So I tried 7 dresses, all very different style from each other, and at the end I picked one very different from what I’ve had in mind. So I highly recommend that you go to the store and try the dresses on cause in this way you will feel what actually makes you like a princess.

Related to buy your wedding dress in another country, we should see what is better for us accordance with our budget and obviously the coin is not the same in every country, as I’m from Portugal, wedding dresses are really expensive, so I choose to buy in England, also because I can go to the physical stores and obviously because of the prices. We have to see what is better for our self and think about every little detail.

Mixtiles Review 2019

Has anyone have heard of Mixtiles? Well, this is a company that does frames with pictures of your preference and it can be stick to your wall without damaging it.

You can buy it for Ā£9.99 and it’s really quick. I loved the quality of it and the protected way that was wrap. Do you know where can you order it ? Well, I have to download the app to make a order, everything is very organised, they even give you the receive by email and by in the box when delivered, they keep attention to everything.

Highly recommend!!!